The Mindful Mag // Winter 2016 // W O N D E R


The Mindful Mag // Winter 2016 // W O N D E R


The Mindful Mag is a beautiful, full-colour extension of the blog, with exclusive articles, how-tos, and recipes for the millennial who wants to ditch fear, bust out of an unfulfilling status quo, and live with intention and joy every day.


  • how to actually enjoy Winter by embracing the Danish art of hygge
  • why solo-adventuring can help you find your way
  • how perfectionism, procrastination, and fear are wrecking your twenties (and what to do about it)
  • 10 Winter reading recommendations of whimsy & wonder
  • how to get on board with the self-care revolution
  • Cinnamon toffee doodle cookies for the BEST Christmas morning ever™

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