The Mindful Mag // Fall 2016 // H O M E

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fall-2016 copy.png

The Mindful Mag // Fall 2016 // H O M E


The Mindful Mag is a beautiful, full-colour extension of the blog, with exclusive articles, how-tos, and recipes for the millennial who wants to ditch fear, bust out of an unfulfilling status quo, and live with intention and joy every day.



  • how to create sacred space in your home
  • how you can learn to love change (and make it work for you, not against you)
  • how to build an epic budget that will have you embracing abundance and never worrying about money again
  • 6 eco-friendly tips for transforming your home
  • how to conquer your goals with only 4 months to go
  • the best pumpkin pie you will ever eat™


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